“We are not meant to do this on our own. We used to sit around the fire and share our wisdom.
When we come into circle, magic happens.”

Tami Lynn Kent

These circles are based on the three elements of feminine embodiment: breath, movement, and touch. Allowing us to move beyond an intellectual understanding into the wisdom of our bodies and a deeper connection to ourselves and others.

Some of these circles are women’s circles, specially designed for those who identify as a woman. Others are open to all genders.

No experience is required, practices are simple and playful, yet potent.

Remember & Celebrate circles

Tapping into the wisdom of our bodies
Remembering the magic of our connection
Celebrating the beauty and power of the divine feminine
Connecting to the elements of nature and the cyclic nature of our lives 

Full moon circles

Something deep is restored when women gather, especially when we carve out a bit more time and allow a bigger group to form.

These circles are a co-creation with Wendy van Leusen. Together we will welcome a wider circle of women 4 times a year, honoring the seasons, and the corresponding elements of nature: earth, air, fire, and water. Reminding us that life is cyclic and allowing us to be more in flow with of each phase of these cycles.

Through visualizations, ritual, and dance we move beyond our intellectual understanding into a deeper connection with ourselves, each other, and the pure,  intuitive, and subtle feminine energy. No experience is needed, the practices we use are simple yet potent and everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome.

Remember & Celebrate Circles

Immersing yourself into your own feminine energy and find power, spirit, and joy in the female body.

Next circle September 24th 
From 10 am until 4 pm at Samaya in Werkoven.



Retreat into the Feminine Within

Slowing down beyond our intellectual mind our bodies tell the truth

Creating spaceto receive we need to empty ourselves first

Softening the fertile ground for connection and trust

Connectingwhere we experience love and flow

Trusting where magic happens

Full moon circles

Deep connection and trust are often much closer than we may think or feel. It’s the art of creating time, space, and a nurturing environment that allow us to tune into ourselves and our bodies. This retreat offers exactly that.

In our hectic modern lives, we get glimpses of our healthy feminine energy, yet often she can feel like an elusive creature. She appears when least expected and disappears when we need her most.

Spending quality time with like-minded women is powerful, fun, magical, and healing. Having multiple days to nurture our connection to our intuitive, wise, and joyful feminine within, enables us to call on her in our daily lives more.

No experience with woman circles is needed. All those who identify as women are much welcome!


Retreat into the Feminine Within

June 2024, the exact date and venue to be set.

Wendy van Leusen and I will be organizing a 4-day / 3-night retreat this year somewhere beautiful in the Netherlands . We will share more details about the date and the venue later.

If you want to receive an invitation or already know you want to be there, reach out and let us know!



Feminine within

The Feminine Within series

Learning ways to connect and clear the energy in our pelvic bowl
Letting go limiting beliefs we may hold around womanhood and femininity
Leaning into the magic and support of being in circle
Welcoming clarity, joy, ease back into our daily lives

Intellectually we know, it’s not only the destination, how we get there is equally important. However, on those days that our to-do-lists seem to be closing down on us often we fall back into our masculine energy to push through and get things done quickly.

This is when softening into our feminine energy serves us most: stepping back, taking a deep breath, keep holding things lightly and allowing life to flow through us. The good news is, the feminine within is right there, waiting for you to reconnect. She’s whole, resourceful and fully alive. Nothing needs fixing. It’s just a matter of finding your way back there. With gentle practices you will deepen your connection and ability to live from this abundant reservoir of creative life energy.

This series is intentionally designed for those who identify as women and will focus particularly on the energy of the pelvic bowl, supporting you in tapping into its vast potential.

The Feminine Within –  in Haarlem

A 12-week journey, with sessions every two weeks

In October – December, I am hosting a series of circles in Haarlem.

Depending on the nationality of the women, the sessions will be held in Dutch or in English.

Let me know if you are keen to join.


celebration circles

Ritual circles

Honoring and ritualizing important life events

Celebrating the connection with those you love

Giving meaning to life transitions

Many important events and transitions in life are worth honouring and celebrating in circle: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, friendships, becoming a parent, new beginnings and endings.

We will co-create a circle especially for you and those you’d like to invite. Or maybe you want to surprise a dear friend with an extraordinary gift. We will include the music, practices and rituals that make it special and meaningful. Either online or in person.

Connect with me and we’ll make magic together.


Rembering to lead

Stepping into the call of leading circles

Being the teacher and the student

Learning the do’s and don’ts for creating safety and depth in sharing

Working with the 3 elements of feminine embodiment

Leaning into a network of magical women cheering each other on!

Rise and Shine series

This series is designed for those work who with people. Coaches, therapists, facilitators, yoga or meditation teachers and also for those who have been in circle with me and want to start their own circles.

You will deepen your ability to hold a safe space and enhance your current offerings with simple, yet potent embodiment practices.

You will be exploring the paradoxes of being a student while teaching. Being certain, while not knowing. Holding things lightly while diving in deep. And the creative power of not doing.

On the pracitcal side, you will receive a faclitator’s manual, plenty playlists, gorgeous vizualisations and practices. But ulitmately you will be encouraged to find your own unique form to offer those who choose to be in circle with you.


Let me know if you are keen to join this series.



Wendelien Zeven


Circles Client,
The Netherlands

Manon’s full moon circle is a delight.

Connecting with myself and others, experiencing freedom within, being outside, barefoot, under the stars and the moon, lifting myself up.

Natalia Ize

Natalia IZE

Circles Client,

I landed in women circles by change and have been in them for more than a year now. Circles are a sacred space where women open in safety, grow, have fun and weave golden threads of love. These circles have become an essential part of my well being.

Manon is the ideal sister: candid, generous and loving!

Monica Donaldson

Monica Donaldson

Circles Client,

I had no idea what to expect when I first came to the circles. all I can say is I left elated and grounded at the same time and that lasted for days. It was a beautiful experience of movement (to some very funky tunes), a deep reflection into the feminine and a great sense of connection.

Manon  has a perfect balance of confidence yet softness in her voice and manner and the way she leads her circles is contagious!

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