All of us are in a state of repair. It’s hard to support others on the journey if you already have everything

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I’m a married mom of two teenagers, with a love for nature, music and movement. Together with my family I lived in Asia for 7 years and recently relocated back to the Netherlands.

I hold a professional ICF coaching certificate with 20 years of experience in facilitating and guiding people in their journeys and transformations. I love what I do.

Still, juggling different roles and navigating the changes and storms of life, I sometimes struggle when things get muddy and messy. More and more I’m able to hold things lightly while moving through sticky and tricky bits. Here’s what I learned  …

It wasn’t until someone introduced me to feminine embodiment work, that I started to explore the wisdom and potency of my body. The patterns, beliefs, and experiences I thought I had integrated through years of personal development, were still hidden in my body and holding me back on subtle levels. I discovered that the pace of the body is slow. The more I learn to listen to my body and allow her to catch up, I open myself for more ease, more trust, more (self) love, more power, and more life energy.

We are all recovering from growing up and raising families in a tribe-less culture, pretty much figuring out life on our own. We used to sit around the fire and share our wisdom and move through the sticky and tricky bits of life together. This is why coming in circle is needed and helpful. The medicine and magic that is available when people gather with a shared intention is incredibly powerful. It sparks a deep remembrance of wisdom, and brings healing and joy.

I’m grateful for the teachings of Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Marya Norell, Daniëlle van der Velde, Tami Lynn Kent and Kathi von Koerboer. All of them have greatly influenced and inspired my life and my work.

Clients appreciate my ability and willingness to be comfortable with not knowing the answers. I believe trusting each other to find our own wisdom and way through life is one of the most powerful ways to support. Also, I’m an experiential learner, the way for me to master the methods I teach, is to live them myself. This means when I teach I’m being a student at the same time. We are all in a state of repair, none of us is perfectly complete. Besides, it is more fun and powerful to grow and expand together.

My background is in event marketing. After my bachelor’s degree, I worked for Unilever and there I found my purpose in coaching, teaching and facilitation. Besides my ICF professional coaching certification (PCC), I’m also a certified mentor coach. I’m educated in group dynamics, family constellations, Reiki level II and feminine embodiment. Currently, I’m studying ancient wisdom and mysticism in a variety of different courses.

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Raquel Suarez

Raquel Suarez

Coaching and Circle Client,

Someone recommended Manon to me as an embodiment coach. I didn’t understand at the time what that was about, but she cracked me in my first chat with her….

‘It sounds like you want to move from pressure to pleasure’. ‘You long to experience more of your feminine energy.’ ‘Yes, working environments can be very masculine.’

After that, 6 more sessions followed supporting me to reconnect with my intuition and life energy. I got clear on what I wanted and longed for instead of knowing what I didn’t want. I joined Manon’s circles, full of love and beauty, leaving me open and joyous, anchoring in my body the trust all is possible.

Manon is the most loving, sharp and intuitive coach and facilitator. She walked with me to reawaken my feminine energy, spirituality and intuition with most love and care. I highly recommend her.

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