bring back

clarity, ease and joy

in your life

Join us into the Garden of the feminine
June 24 – 27

Many of us rely heavily on our ability to get things done fast and efficiently and lost touch with the part of us that knows how to restore, regenerate and play.

We long for meaning, purpose, and being fully alive. Yet, when life gets tricky, we often just work harder and muscle through.

I’m here to remind you, you are not meant to be doing this alone. We used to sit around the fire, share our wisdom and move through life together. And there is magic and immense power in this.

Here you will find support to invite more clarity, ease, and joy into your life. You can work with me individually or join circles, courses, and retreats.


Intuitive healing
Private Sessions

Expand your awareness and reconnect with your truth so your path ahead becomes clearer.

Circle of hands

Leaning into the magic & support of being in circle. Tapping into the wisdom of our bodies & a deeper connection to yourself & others.

Hi, I’m Manon

I’m a married mom of two teenagers, with a love for nature, music and movement. Together with my family I lived in Asia for 7 years and recently relocated back to the Netherlands.

I hold a professional ICF coaching certificate with 20 years of experience in facilitating and guiding people in their journeys and transformations. I love what I do.

Still, juggling different roles and navigating the changes and storms of life, I sometimes struggle when things get muddy and messy. More and more I’m able to hold things lightly while moving through sticky and tricky bits. Here’s what I learned…



Carola Millenaar-Vieregge

Intuitive Healing Client,
The Netherlands

As a Reiki Master myself, I’m always curious to learn from people who are not trained by me. Manon has a very deep, warm, safe and creative holding space. She made me feel incredibly nurtured. My questions were heard and healed. I felt like singing when I came back home.


Patricia Dumala-Nourrain

Circles Client,

Manon’s beautiful energy is inspiring, motivating and encouraging. As a result of joining her circles I feel more confident and have become more expressive, compassionate and graceful. I have reconnected to my body and have learned ways to bring more energy, joy and aliveness into my daily life. Besides, I have connected deeply with a beautiful group of women from whom I still experience strong support. These circles are a really unique experience.

Emma saxby

Coaching Client 

The thing I admire about Manon most is that she is genuine, trustworthy and creates space for those around her to be their authentic self. She held me when things were tough and supported me to transform into the person I want to be and am now.

Manon is an exceptional coach, teacher and mentor.

More Trust, More Love

The feminine and masculine are the natural law of harmony and balance. This goes beyond gender. It is yin & yang, the in-breath & the out-breath, water & fire, eb & flow.

Without the feminine, the masculine becomes rigid, unsustainable, and loses its playfulness, and protective nature.  When there is too much fire and not enough water, we will simply burn out. This is true for people, organizations, and the planet.

Many of us long to reconnect with the feminine but fear to be perceived weak or non-productive.

We often compartmentalize our ability to tune in, connect and recharge to our breaks, weekends and holidays. The invitation of this time is to fully integrate these feminine qualities in our daily lives. To have it be present in all we do, as a source within us from which we live.

The feminine requires us to slow down, tune in and listen. The more we find our way back to this source inside our bodies, the more we are able to bring her into our lives and our communities. As a result we experience more clarity, ease and joy.

I’m learning as I go

and I welcome you on the journey.

Let’s explore what’s possible for you.

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