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Many of us, regardless of gender, rely heavily on our masculine energy to get things done fast and efficient and lost touch with our feminine side.

Intellectually, we know we could – or even feel we should – be enjoying life’s journey, but often end up muddling and muscling through.

I’m here for you, when you long for awakening your feminine within, tapping into your abundant reservoir of life energy, clicking back into the magic of life and bringing all of who you are
into this world.


Circle of hands
Intuitive healing

Straightening out the bowl of spaghetti in your head, syncing up your body, heart, mind and soul and start making choices again that feel right. 

Circle of hands

Leaning into the magic and support of being in circle. Tapping into the wisdom of our bodies and a deeper connection to yourself and others.

Intuitive healing
Intuitive Healing

By passing the clever mind and bringing back resonance into your system.

Hi, I’m Manon

I’m a professional ICF certified coach, facilitator and magic maker with a love for nature, music, dance and photography, living with my man and our two kids in Singapore.

For the last 17 years I’ve been supporting people through their personal transformation. I love what I do.

Still 10 years ago, after giving birth to my daughter, I felt depleted. Juggling different roles and navigating hectic life, I struggled to find balance. Often it felt I was wading through mud or rushing, instead of walking, dancing, and skipping through life. Here’s what changed this…



Carola Millenaar-Vieregge

Intuitive Healing Client,
The Netherlands

As a Reiki Master myself, I’m always curious to learn from people who are not trained by me. Manon has a very deep, warm, safe and creative holding space. She made me feel incredibly nurtured. My questions were heard and healed. I felt like singing when I came back home.


Patricia Dumala-Nourrain

Circles Client,

Manon’s beautiful energy is inspiring, motivating and encouraging. As a result of joining her circles I feel more confident and have become more expressive, compassionate and graceful. I have reconnected to my body and have learned ways to bring more energy, joy and aliveness into my daily life. Besides, I have connected deeply with a beautiful group of women from whom I still experience strong support. These circles are a really unique experience.

Emma saxby

Coaching Client 

The thing I admire about Manon most is that she is genuine, trustworthy and creates space for those around her to be their authentic self. She held me when things were tough and supported me to transform into the person I want to be and am now.

Manon is an exceptional coach, teacher and mentor.

More Trust, More Love

Many of us have lost connection with our feminine energy.

Without the feminine, the masculine becomes rigid, unsustainable and loses its playfulness and protective nature. This goes beyond gender – all of us have both masculine and feminine energies within ourselves. It is true for all people, systems and organisations.

I believe the world needs more feminine energy to bring back balance.

More collaboration, trust, love, compassion, and a more holistic approach. Within ourselves, in organisations and systems across the world. Bringing harmony between the masculine and feminine energies within us allows the manifestation of amazing things with ease and in sustainable ways.

It takes awareness, safety, permission, compassion and practice. And also courage, to say no or choose a slower pace, allowing ourselves to bloom and thrive.


I’m learning as I go

and I welcome you on the journey.

Let’s explore what’s possible for you.

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